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sternum, sometimes to the ensiform cartilage, sometimes to the fourth

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The Department of Family Medicine J. Roy Guyther, MD Award for Excel-

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flame, as mentioned by Binda, when the contents of the stomach, or pre-

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cess, results in stupefaction, coma, and death. These are

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tion of a period of special study. The examination will consist

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to AOA is based on scholastic achievement, service to the school, qualities of

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most favourable to the action of ergot in the case of the hollow

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normal saline. Other more recently introduced substances, as eucain-/3

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that in these partial amnesias there is not immediate loss of consciousness

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instructing it, it cannot reproduce what it has not in reality

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temperature the presence of purulent pericarditis depresses the fever

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the surgical service of Doctor Deaver in the Lankenau Hospital of

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sewage at Barking and Crossness outfalls, nor that the deposit of sludge

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have all he wishes, without regard to you or me or his neighbour,

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the mortality rate slightly over 15 per hundred thousand.

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dent records is assured. Specifically, the act provides for the student's access to

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1903). It bears the imprimatur of Sir Halliday Croom, Avhose practice

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by too concentrated a vapour of chloroform (Embley) ; but what-

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of carbohydrates in the diet far exceeds that of nitrogenous

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fection and those of embolic origin with metastasis from the general

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woman with uterus unicornis and masculine characteristics. Pearson of

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Senanayake, Edward, MBBS, Clinical Assistant Professor

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tion, enthusiasm, sympathy, susceptibility to the beauty and

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character of edges and variations in intensity of shadow, which is characteristic of this form of extra-

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the question of operative interference in this region was the risk of

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and increasing that of the short one. By osteotomy and extension;

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in which I \vd\e encountered it, or at all events diagnosed it. That

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kidneys or from below them, and hemoglobinuria resulting from the

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Recent graduates are surveyed annually so that feedback from a number of resi-

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posing urine leak through the softened mucous membrane, and a perinseal ,

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iron in addition, and found that though the subjective symptoms

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explained by postulating a bacterial causal agent circulating in

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at full term.] The patient, Mrs. H., in the third bed is inter-

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