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electing to remain in their own dwellings. Many of these cases are re-

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and tension is removed, the shoulder-pain disappears.

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The Health Department will be presided over by Mr. Robert Ravvlin-

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power to enforce upon such unions and districts the proper performance

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it nearly always occurs with tumours — they are usually syphilitic — in the

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Committee's Report. I do not find, for example, that Dr. Farr pro-

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the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt. It consists of a series of huts

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Surgery, in place of Mr. Vernon. Dr. Duckworth succeeds Dr. Gee as

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the right arm being black and hairy, and similar patches of various

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appeared to remember very little of her family. Both parents were

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As an Assistant in compounding and dispensing medicines.

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acquaintance with Surgery, and a good knowledge of either German or

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Diseases and Injuries incident to Military Service. At its conclusion,

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term for practical instruction in physics, under the superintendence of

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in the afternoon, the German fire was turned in another direction, and

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The advocates of new laws for the control of prostitution are in the

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sum for Y.'s share in the stock-in-trade, moneys, and effects; Y. entering into an

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