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(|uesting this Society to take steps toward securing State

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medicine. This he maintains both against imposture, and also in

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constructed that it was impossible for the dog to inflict physical injury upon the

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rates of cicatrization of wounds of equal area and of different age were

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they leave it in situ, put the patient to bed, and consti

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Case 3. — Male; age 43 years. Average build. Family history negative. The

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ally attend on the plantations, but careful investigation led to nothing

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trix, and the velocity of the process of repair. By means of this

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as the use of the forceps and the crochet, is also strictly modified


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and chronic ulcers, with Dr. Physicfc, and Dr. C. was convinced

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danger from the use of the chloroform is most liable to be immedi-

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operation, never contains nearly so much epinephrin as its fellow. There is,

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in such cases, to have the corrections made, if possible, without the

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The general health of the patient is usually good, and there is nothing that

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or imjDerfect, the presence of both albuminoid and starchy foods will be

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ing symmetrical; in both lungs dullness up and down the borders of the scapula;

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This preservative material for milk, meat, etc., is

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lial conference she withdrew upon the recommendation

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and also for the lymphatic nature of the other products of differentia-

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lonsne held forth on the " Therapeutics of Tuberculosis "

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lera falling under his care, he did not confine his reports to the

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reach the mass of the profession, or which elicit far less attention

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proved as yet, but scientists believe it is so. The

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was of&red to carry into efiect the object your committee had in view.

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