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rather produce chronic changes with tendency to formation of fibrous tissue
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The most curious and interesting part of this report relates to the
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movement, right-upwards-forwards, the operator gives resistance. Repetition for
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b 1 8tat4«f things wbieli is comptttbte only with cbrooicity of diseise.*'
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one hundred and fifteen cases of fever, the number of respirations in a
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known by its name, are we to look for the preservation of this child.
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cultivations of the typhoid bacillus is a valuable aid in the recognition of
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to the direct action of toxines produced by the bacteria, and partly to
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genuine relapses, the relapse overlapping the attack, and spoke of them as
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There is very little evidence, if indeed any at all, to prove that pyrexia
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A part of the cases, also, have been mild throughout their
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have persistent pulps. The maxillary ones incline downwards, then outwards and
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callosum tears very readily. It is difficult to explain this morbid change.
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The sebaceous glands and hair follicles are destroyed, but it is said
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These considerations reasonably explain how imperfect functtoD of
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not prepared to accept, off-hand, Koch's dictum that the possibility of
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his distinguished partner and brother-in-law, for your Journal ; and I
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paralytics, and a certain number of general paralytics may develop tabic
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staunch determination not to admit that improvement has been made in
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diate cause of hemiplegia ;" and that '^ the most frequent morbid ap-
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I in a comatose state for a few minutes, when the peculiar vomiting
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by its Jeel, is neither that of ascites, enlargement of any one or^, vi
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appears under a severe type. Mild cases are slow in their action upon
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coughing, with expectoration of blood from the mouth.
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WHS, on the whole, one of the most pleasant and decidedly agreeable
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as in lead-poisoning, neither do the muscles waste so rapidly nor lose their
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Philadelphia.— At Sterling, Geo^ Dr. Francis £. K. Miller^ aged 24.
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in a principle which is spontaneously formed upon the scales of the
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hence it behoves medical practitioners to guard against exposing patients
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■exhilarates circulation, and thereby assists the heart's action and lightens its
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mind us of the child who cries for its apple to be roasted and cooled
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Trousseau and Belloe are not correct, it is believed, in determining all
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was removed to a beer shop in the neighborhood, where be remained
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founders, and lead pipe-makers, comprise only a selection of the artificers
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considered as remnants of parts of imperfect conception ; but a cele-
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Principles and Practice of Surgery, by ..... Gilmaiv Kimbau., M.D.
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put it into water, shake it for a few minutes, decant that which is held
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germs is very injurious to the virus, and, if lymph is not prepared
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health, and also in I'egard to the digestive organs ; it was then lost sight of.
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Diagnosis. — Acute and subacute phosphorus poisoning resembles acute
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Nicbdaus Masaa^ tells us, that the prejudices and outcries i^'uisl mer-
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450 B.C. In it mention is made of the fixation of loose teeth by means of
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altogether depend upon the state of atmosphere determining from the
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stays in fashion at the time he Wrote, says, << Those who use them are