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milder degrees sometimes appear even in comparatively early stages of the

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rence in separate paroxysms, and the presence of any painful pressure points.

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who have passed a Matriculation examination in any university in her

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to SF 545 (Fl^re €.), In the medical record. The 1^1 1 owl are coBBon laboratory forms

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and Sohoola in London ; in the English ProTinoea ; in Ireland ; in

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handle of a percussion hammer is sufficient to produce twitching of the facial

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gram required of all medical students. (See page 12.) Advanced courses may be sub-

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quently and in such manifold forms as actually to be classed among the most

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times a symptomatic action. We can sometimes lessen or shorten the paroxysm

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servations, is apparently capable of causing actual deafness in the opposite

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doxa). After some time, however, the reflex mechanism for emptying the

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2nd. He must have entered and paid his fees in full at this Hospital for all

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professors of the snbjecte mentioned, and of one or two commissioners chosen

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ExhihUians amd Prizes. — Twelve exhibitions of £25 each, tenable for

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their normal volume for a comparatively long time, and only gradually waste

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is readily demonstrable. Not infrequently, however, it eludes observation.

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details of the other subjects the reader is referred to the BegtUaikma

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sensation of warmth when the skin is touched with a bit of ice. This symp-

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to the mild form in which the sugar disappears from the urine when the

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tage for dinical* study is afforded. The courses of instruction Are

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Besides that, two other very important peculiarities are to be noted: 1. The

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We must not think, however, by any means, that the delusion of grandeur

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changes at the point of compression (vide infra) may all be explained by

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McClelland Shellman, S.B., M.D., Instructor in Surgery.

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patient from without. If we are dealing with a patient who was previously

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etc. ) . In other cases the paraplegia develops more slowly, but yet within a

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Jackson). For example, if the convulsion begins in the distribution of the

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also shown some good results, but we must not build very great hopes upon it.

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therefore, analogous to the epileptiform contractions that result from irrita-

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" On Diseases peculiar to Women," Thomas " On Diseases of Women,"

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including a knowledge of Architectural and other plans, sections, &c.;

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ijtnvTrtt*-' t^ c^.ar:;e :ne prj^f iency lev*el i^irln*; .

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ter, mainly diseases of the abdomen and urology; Spring, mainly diseases of the ex-