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use is Marchand's Peroxide of Hydrogen (medicinal).


cently sent us, and we want to express our apprecia-

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been designed to fit. Why prescribe a support that soon

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I am sure that every practitioner in this State has tried

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Why are so many men and women unwilling to pay their doc-

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by the attending pediatrician (Denzer) twenty-four hours

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known, not only as an ophthalmologist but also as an

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end he may fail. The only sure way to overcome this is to be

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immediately, while the remaining fourteen reported that

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of 75 acres with registered, tuberculin-tested herd. Reedu-

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It comprises instruction in pharmacology; physiology; embryology; biochemistry;

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does not stop with removal from the unit and may go

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useful for applying certain medicaments to the skin,

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It should be remembered that no attempt has been made in the publication of these lists to

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County, or State From What It Is to What It Ought to Be

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York. — The regular monthly meeting of the auxil-

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of the Committee on Medical Benevolence, as reported

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resort finca rosa blanca coffee plantation and inn

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Lov e therapeutic and corrective line in more than 500

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pital. Adherent clothing is left in situ. Treatment of

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gested that the febrifuge action of quina may be due to an anti-

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posed of Clematis-erecta, Prinus-verticillatus Fraxinus Americana,

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American Medical Association. Advertising rates will be sent on request. Entered as second-class matter at the rost u ce in

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be withheld from patients with cancer, the growth of

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am sure that persuasion of our colleagues would be an

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Therefore, he was given the title of Deputy Secretary

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At one o’clock a luncheon was served on the terrace,

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either with or without catarrh ; but the point which attracts the

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In debate, Senator Byrd, chairman of the joint com-

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against the more conservative and, I believe, safer

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express me two bottles to Fairfield, Jefferson county, Iowa. Am

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it is scanty and high-colored, albuminous and contains casts. It

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nominee for trustee and councilor fqr the Tenth Dis-

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