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Dbease which may supply an excess of uric acid to the kidney without

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the nerves of the adipose tissue, ana thereby cause the pain and tenderness.

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I conceive, therefore, that a narrative of the pro-

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presypd oxysrcn in a steel liomh (ilaced in a known volume of water at a

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ossification of the cartilage. The wonder b that the bones grow as long as

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;;:in','ll;i iill.r iMHiitiii- .mil i.T th.Mii in 1 ijni with tlir iih-i.i in.' s.iliil ii.ii. Il ih.

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terium too long continued irritates the stomach, and may be depressing.

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nave been tender on pressure, it has hurt him to move them, and he has been

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1 fin ilt(HMI,(HI| Mini. I,* iiliil llicv I'uiisl iliili- till' nilliiiils riirt ii'li', miiiiIIiT

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experiment ean even he performed so that n definite interval of time

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brownish gray or chocolate-colored spots on the lips, gums, and conjunctiva.

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â– riicsc results iiidicale that the capillary areas siijiplied l>y the Itranchcs

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Possible. When the bladder is diseased, irrigation, topical application, and

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compared and contrasted. In the early literature only the most extreme

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mass of worms. In some ill-defined cases, which ought not properly to be

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general involvement are so characteristic that they require little description.

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a little semi-liquid matter, in some measure analo-

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idea that the disease is allied to the infectious granulomas is a view con-

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have been dealt with on the view of intestinal intoxication. In a woman

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are not notably affected in most cases. Beduschi has reported a case in

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portion anterior to the kidney is rarely involved, although if it should be

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and he found that it produced a degree of stiffness

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for muscle nuclei. In 1904 Lorenz described and pictured a sporozoon-like

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pathological, asynmietrical, and bizarre, while in achondroplasia they are

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or by metastasis, as in the case of distant areas of inflammation, or by an

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parts ; so that there was a deep foul-looking exca-

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lation of dextrose solutions lias lieeii res|ionsil.le for a L'leal deal of the

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to occur in people who are run down, ancemic, or depleted by various dis-

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|iiui|iiiT(l ill till' iliiiiin>icp|iN (if llic liiiiLTs liy tlic iiis|)iriitiii'y cxpiiiisioii nl'

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Tlip v;:ii;ilpilit.\- of tin- fri'iziii'.' poini ami ll.i' sj>i'iM(n' uravity of tlio

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