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20 to 30 years, two hearts; 30 to 60 years, four hearts. In some of these,

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occurrence. The disease was first described by Marie,* in 1890, as

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sinuses of Valsalva to the aortic cusps is normal, as are apparently the

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cisco Railroad at Sapulpa, Ind. T., subject to the following restrictions, to wit :

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VIII. Acute Pericarditis Complicating Acute Lobar Pneumonia. By J. A.

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entire waste so far as food value is concerned. This is true on the

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FiG. 1.— A thick sagittal sec- Fig. 2.— A thick sagittal sec-

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standard can not be rendered harmless by cooking, steaming, or pick-

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send out the information on its stationery and in its

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gastrium (Fig. 1). This was "raw'' and bright red. Soon after

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During the first few weeks in the hospital there was no particular change

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so designed that stanchions or chain ties may be used. Builders who

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Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger. 1947. Price $3.25.

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2 Zeigler, R.F., Jr.: Pre-eclamptic Toxemia of Pregnancy. North Carolina M. J. 8:655

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significance of pulmonary mesarteritis can be appreciated only by a

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