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ative methods of Gersung, of Vienna ; Sanger, of Leipsic ;
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stopping below at the epitrochlea, so as not to wound the
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These numbers are not so insignificant as they would seem,
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lege, and graduated at the age of sixteen. He then went to
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Garden, the Zoological Society, and the Association for the Preserva-
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He applied himself closely to his studies, for While a boy
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Dr. Charles Hartwell Burr died at his residence in Portland, Me., Feb. 26,
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by the slightest contact, and in a far greater degree at the
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of the Medical Society of the State of New York; member of the
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concussion the extremities are cold, the respiration is difficult,
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York in his day, the son immediately after graduating at Yale Uni-
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thists of New England, who have lately rejoiced over the com-
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Presbyterian Church, New York City; professor in the Reformed
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American Obslttrics, vol. ii. pp. 269, 270). While yet
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have received in the friendly spirit in which they are offered.
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chairman of the special committee of this council on general sanita-
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hand, or ignoring them altogether. In the following remarks I
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examination made. The Eontgen ray is very helpful, showing clearly the
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also a life member of the Alumni Association of Columbia. University,
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added to these are therapeutic hints, comments, and clinical con-
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the uterus is soft, and nutrition low, the very best effects result
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sary. He has nothing but praise for this treatment.
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The delirium may end in collapse. It has sometimes a
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vaginalis, each differing from the others in duration, quantity,
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in the mouth, and are diagnostic of the invasion of measles.
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render the patient liable to dangerous haemorrhage.
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Young, who was a prominent physician in Ireland, as was also his