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passed, and there Avas some improvement, but never satisfactory relief,
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method which offers a fair chance of recovery in these serious
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three occasions. On the first it agglutinated Kberth's bacillus in a
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part of the cavity, and then upon the middle and inferior turbinateds.
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gents are able to cause the contraction of muscular fibre.
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Psychopharmacology & Patient Management (6 hours)
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best known as well as the most formidable of the syndromes arising
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development, vigorously pushed to its legitimate conclusion, points
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therapeutic effects. It is possible to associate with the astringent action
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hnal proof of its etiological relationship. Much remains to be
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MINUTES OP THE PROCEEDINGS OP THE 4300, giving us a net gain during the year of
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In tuberculous women, genital tuberculosis is met with in 22*8 per
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the School of Medicine, particularly the curriculum and other essential aspects
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such circumstances, and the adnexa are found to be enlarged, and
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pathological arterio-sclerosis tends to ati'ect one organ disproportionately,
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was disallowed, on the ground that Malta fever was not covered
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February of the present year, and a few days ago she gave birth to
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the illness, with occasional enlargement and tenderness of cervical glands.
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at 5 A.M. and to return at 1 a.m. the following morning. Of these
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37° C. Minute traces of saliva produce the same change in neutral
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that the causes of the reduced resistance are resident in the environ-