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pathological amount of that lubricant, so that, on the whole, the

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The matter is still unsettled, but from the work on this subject that has

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vate Hospital.) — A male, i^t, 46, Avas admitted on 18th February, 1903.

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sjanptoms pointing to vulvar disease. He found changes which had

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Meynert endeavoured to prove a logical sequence in the evolution of

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ovaries be quite free of the disease, they should be removed, and

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fact that physiologists had hitherto failed to teach us the real nature of

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Here was awakened intellectual initiative when the necessity to

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Such conditions have been cured by the application of magnets in

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observation and interviewing. At the end of this course students are expected

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Surgeon - lieutenant - colonel or surgeon - major of the Household

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appetite is poor, it can be given in drachm doses before meals.

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the existence of gonococci in the discharge is one of much

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weekly Hypertension Center research rounds and the bi-weekly Hypertension

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located in the splenic flexure, and just below this point a Murphy button

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To Casimir Funk we owe our knowledge of vitamins as specific

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1000) solution at the first indication of collapse. In making intra-

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venience of the parents at any time between the fifth and twelfth

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^ Lecture delivered at the London Polyclinic in February 1904.

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