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course. The most probable explanation is that typhoid bacilli in the ducts

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Diseases accompanied by a pyrexial condition, such as:

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among underweights the mortality decreases with advancing

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tion, but coming from such an authority as Mackenzie they possess much

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in 1878. They described 25 cases, and the essential feature of all was "the

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which have a grayish or yelloAvish-gray color mixed with hemorrhagic areas

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between the initial severity and the character of the disease, since very light

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is something behind it. If there be an efl^usion, routine cultures may make

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changes incidental to tertiary buboes are noted. The blood shows a leukocy-

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The albuminous-like material which forms the basis of

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direct blows upon the chest, or injuries produced by falling weights, or

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are usually nothing more than hyaline casts covered with

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experience show a tainted family record, against the nineteen

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The Prodromal Eruptions. — ^The prodromal rashes of measles have

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infection may take place about fifty days after the eruption has faded. The

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bacillus or micrococcus or germ will yet be discovered as an

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the first sound of the heart is an aortic direct murmur, in-

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thousand, may be made to sterilize the external canal and render it less

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accuracy in small things and the no less great necessity for

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Desquamation follows the eruption, but is bran-like in character, and

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and quotes Hourman and Dechamore in speaking of the old women at the

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manner, has the sanction of high authority, but such a view cannot be

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examinations and continued observation should soon give the diagnosis.

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and pain is produced by pressure and even by passive motion.

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of the United States and Canada asking them w^hat was

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ticularly imfavorable, and the same resiilt was shown where

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remarks made some distance away from the room. They are often very

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The unaffected lung is usually congested, particularly at the posterior part.

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sion, and all conditions which induce a depreciated blood

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here refer correspond to ordinary mitral systolic murmurs in

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examinations are made. He suggested that no examina-