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lage activity, instead of limiting itself to one line of growth, becomes slu^ish
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was an acute sore throat. In about two weeks the thyroid became larger
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of the two the goitre had been bilateral, and also the exophthalmos. After
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1. The ainijldiitu aeeeleratini; the hvilrolysis of iiojys.ieeliaiiiles, i'. jr..
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hefore. On the oilier hand, when the spinal eord was left intaet hut tie
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sidering that they form in the renal pyramids and have the pressure of urine
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but I shall trouble the reader only with its anthel-
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Prognosis. — This form of disease was once looked upon as entirely hope-
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It is well krn)wn that the activity of i)epsin can proceed oidy in the
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of the dilator (paralytic) or constrictor type. A scratch with the finger
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tion to his colour, till I read the cases published
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features of subdeltoid bursitis should be looked for, and it will usually be
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' t' oxidation can be observed in the rin;.' test for bile pigment with
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about the time of birth, but the cartilage imiting the sphenoid and occipital
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disease lasts for a much longer period, even for a lifetime. The swellings
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sllh.jeet. 'riie piaetieal lioint to he remeiidiered is there ;ire at least
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(if time longer than the aurieular wave whieh eauscs Iheiu. Iiecause of
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pearance of the h^ematuria, which at this writing, manv months later, seems
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. n.m. As .„ „,any uthor fields ,.f physiologi.- s..ion,.., investigators ..
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If l.ii.-t.'i'ial •rr.iwtli is .'x.'i'ssiv,' ..r tlier.' is an insunieieney .if eiirl>..liy
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and late improvement may occur. The goitres that diminish under iodine
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ful tests with iodine would be better; patients with hyperth^Toidism show
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quently cut, approximate closely to normal. One of his muscle sections
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II an acid decoction of duoileiial mucous memhrane is jioured into ahso-
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also the intelligence, improve under thyroid medication, which must be kept
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these he ascribes his great success in nephrectomy and the reduction of his
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thyroid disease. The cells are described as of two kinds: The "chief
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as caused by knocking the fingers against some hard object. Numbness,