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fluids; nor do we know of any so absolutely wedded to the doctrine of soiidism, as
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bilities, and not its present achievements only. Its aim, in general
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without appearing to influence or be interrupted by the profound
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plastic changes seen in the thyroids of his experimental dogs may have
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a precarcinomatous condition, the result of a previous superficial
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Ewart shows how cough, bronchial catarrh, interstitial pneu-
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alterations, abscesses of the coats, &c., and precluding the possibility
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Specimens of these apparatus lie upon the table, but your commit-
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but owing to the distress exhibited by the patient whenever any attempt was
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Their ages varied from twenty-five years to sixty-one years, and the duration
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tissues was really greater than was at first apparent. The control
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opinion in regard to the identity of this fever with plague; and it is
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the disease, is found to exhibit a remarkable variety as to its seat and extent.
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in any case; a third, who tells us that his practice is founded on
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different and even remote generations, and a non-pathogenic strain
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teeth and half way between the latter and the cleft, by which the tension of
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article alone is well worth the trifling sum paid for the two and even for the
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Chest well-developed. Lungs show everywhere normal resonance.
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2. These cases were so strictlv and so uniformlv treated, that it
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mations of each separately. But could such results be added
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solutions procured through chemical factories, as well as casein
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was presumed by the ancients; but yet it is not entirely exempt. The fauces
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Lawrence and Coates, Luzenberg, &,c. Whether this arises from ignorance