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it is necessary or even admissible to interfere actively with the regular
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appeared in the urine, and was present for some weeks. It
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infection, then general measures, akin to those used in the
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that have been "crammed"), and yet we know that healthy urine
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hardly ever seen in other diseases, particularly in typhoid fever (typhus
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For instance, if a patient be unable to close his eye at will, and do
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complications, such as diarrhoaa, meteorism, etc. Even in threaten-
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merly called porrigo favosa, or tinea lupinosa, and which were re-
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glands cannot escape, owing to obstruction of the gland-ducts, or be-
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rules that we might lay down for the treatment of gout, from the
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constantly accompanied by symptoms of paralysis, and since we do not
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malignancy which shows itself in each succeeding attack, in cases of
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sheets. Indeed, the entire menstrual decidua may be cast off, in the
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the ordinary concretions as the cause of the attack, so in
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often lifts the epidermis, forming vesicles and blebs of variable size.
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walk. If we attempt to teach them to walk, they often cross the legs