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Dr. MelYln S. Bosenthal has returned after a year's stay

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ceptions to the rule. In this connection he reports a

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noting, he also remarks, that- farmers' influence in many states

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only when its dangers are anticipated, but also when

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to inhale the fumes occasionally. The salicylic acid appears in

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lated blood, and the mucous membrane is of a brownish-red colour. The

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nual meeting of this Society, at Nashville, April 10, the fol-

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worse, usually cling to their erroneous diagnosis and so make it

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vagina, to compel the gas to pass over by immersing the bottle in a basin

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worth, Kan., to San Francisco, Cal., en route for service in the

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or less considerable at intervals, having continued from that period, with

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tuberculosis is an abundance of fresh air and good, nu-

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case the first, a violent pain along the sagital suture, with fever, chills,

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tion is so solemn and so awful as to be considered by the law

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ferers from hemorrhoids, which he believes are due to irregular

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fused to respond to the administration of quinin; the insolu-

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gaigne, Mirault, Warren, Barlow, Delaporte, one of M. Cleraot's, the first

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which is doubtless productive of an incalculable amount

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further and more powerful efforts in time to continue the progress of labour.

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furnished matter, gave counsel, nor expressed a wish in relation to them.

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Case 9.— See Morgagni de Sed. et Cans. Morb., Epist. 12, Art. V.

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Phvsicians commonly encourage their patients to per-

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quantity of dirt — one of the gentlemen says about a ton and a half ; it then

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by appropriating to themselves pabulum designed for

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(gr. i. ibur times a day). Patient was discharged from the wards not cured,

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be applied to both eyes; and castor oil, 3 ss. ; to betaken directly. 23d.

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on national legislation of the American Medical Asso-