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father, Rev. Samuel Brown Wylie, D.D., being Professor of Ancient
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Perhaps it would be more correct to say, that, like many sturdy
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tion of mind, had not crucified mind itself to the spinal column.
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ment of cholera, the main features of which consist in the culti-
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carbolic acid in breath; pulse 120, soft and feeble, but regular.
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problems of tenement house life, far more accurate and useful than
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"rational school" against " pharmaco-maniacs " and the admin-
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its base. No hemorrhage followed this division. The left ton-
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to touch; redness of nose, tip cracked; after blowing nose, glit-
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school, do we countenance these extremes of high potency in
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altered ; it subdivides if it is provided with a covering. As
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ditions. The second case is of a man who may be a periodical
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results have always deviated in some particulars from Credo's
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and that we ought not to lightly pass over a case of supposed
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slight gastric disturbance. The medicine was repeated ; and I
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The Gazette hopes to have the pleasure of presenting to its readers, in the near
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Clinical Club ; and is one of the few American Fellows of
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taining per litre 5 c.c. of i in 10 tincture of iodine (the
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department of the University of New York ; in 1875 was made Emeri-
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the treatment. Dilatation of the sphincter is a practice that
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not by any means conclusive, for alcohol in one form or another
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22, 1844, son of Moncure and Charlotte (Taylor) Robinson. He
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pensary, at the corner of Essex and Broome Streets, New York, and
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still, if the curative virtue of nux vomica in high or low potencies
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As the microscope is standing on a side-table with the tyrosin in
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He writes : " When I got home I found that we were in
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She has one sister married, who has given birth to one living
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the present head, is in reality part of the earliest Colonial history of
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effects." " The success of this measure has much oftener an-
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zinc, lead, calcium, and aluminium), which he had made use of freely for the past
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Therefore let homoeopaths see to it that the bill be so framed as
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thus most fatal in typhoid ; giving to the fever a character more
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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, graduating there-
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tubular piece, of a portion of a large superficial vein taken
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lumbia. He practiced there for two years, but found the
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Contusions are rare, and without much interest ; bleeding