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red and congested. This redness is due to an increase of the quantity of

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phobia, and the expressions of fear are out of all proportion to the other

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in the year 1827, at which time he described, and represented by colored

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tory of the case, and absence of inflammatory signs, together with an

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ulcerate. The breath becomes fetid, the skin dry and brittle and Lo-

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verer forms a chill may occur, together with a rise in temperature,

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persistent, opium, ether, valerian, and antispasmodics may be employed in

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IV. Cardiac Hypertrophy. XI. Morbid Growths and Parasites.

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in thickness from that of a sheet of paper to a quarter of an inch. These

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into gases, acids, bases, and salts. It is in this reaction that many times

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stenosis proba])ly never occurs without some insufficiency.

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gladiolus from the manubrium may take place because of great direct

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therefore there is no necessity for resorting to antipyretic measures ; fre-

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poison, the length of time the individual has been under its influence,

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pressure symptoms ma}- be relieved by a correction of the deformity

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patient assuming a recumbent position on the right side, with the head

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Carcinoma is the most common variety of intestinal neoplasm. It is less

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4. Subperiosteal fractures or fissured fractures of the skull.

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tissue in this condition shows the capillary vessels filled with blood, and the

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is l>ale, the eyes are sunken, ehills rapidly lolhtw each other, the teeth

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J> OOo ••• ••* ••■ ••• ••• X%7v

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Dias;ratn illustrating Physical Signs in Acute Plen- :„„„^„„4-;^^ orir] pYr)i ration * it is

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ivarm, moist weather, and from this fact it has been supposed that some

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temperature, and the character of the breathing, which is "^^ puffy " in alco-

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nosis between aortic murmurs and local pericarditis (q. v.).

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form of petechia. It sometimes acts upon the nerve centers, producing

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very much lowered ; but if the treatment be discontinued, it will rise again.

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advances it may fall to 100° F., although the pulse and respiration remain

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of the tubercle is dependent upon the lesions. It is not possible to in-

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they may be of such small size as to pass unnoticed. Three-fifths of all

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the obstruction. Copious stercoraceous vomiting is evidence that the

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during the first week of an acute general peritonitis, the character of the

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disa])pearance are not marked by any regularity, and usually there is more

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tubercular pleurisies are very apt to be suppurative in character. It may

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takes place without an abscess. If an abscess forms, its seat is in the

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by means of a floating clot or other material which has become de-

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portion of the ureter. In such cases the subsidence of the pain is more