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directly into the pharynx. As stated, it may be combined with the

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have shown that the characteristic induration is due to a proliferation of small

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medicines. The patient was cured two months ago, and the cure

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ized, leads him to attempt what he cannot accomplish. Their oppo-

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continue until the last week in March, making a period of five calendar

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constitution and nervous disposition ; much given to piano -playing

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expectedly. It may recur from time to time with little or no warning, and

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nodules, and molluscous folds usually occur separately in individuals, never-

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purate and rupture, producing peritonitis, sometimes fatal ; there is sometimes

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coloured, or the heads of matches, are swallowed. Phosphorus poisoning

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ties were constantly arising with him from the most trifling causes.

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from the tradition that has been handed down to us. The beauties of

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they were of the small, round cell variety, very vascular (angeio-sarcomata),

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nature of arterio-sclerosis or arterio-capillary fibrosis are not unfrequently met

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times blood or altered blood. The pain may be agonising, and, although

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But how much ? and how little ? are still the questions — to which I

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years a distingubbed practitioner in the West Indies, has particularly no-

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pears to possess any positive influence over the disease. Laudanum

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the delirium tremens, than to the diseases with which it was complicated.

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generated by microbes ; (2) peptonisation and assimilation of the animal

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a pint at supper. Other articles the same as the last mentioned three

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Profuse bronchorrhoea has been observed in a few cases, and is considered

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yrbich, perhaps, may be added, that the lymph is deposited, as it were,

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neighbouring house, during a period of four months, ate eleven hens which had

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Haven, Comi. ; Wm. Vincent, £s<|., Stontngton, Cono. ; Dr. £leazer

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adapted to add a new irritation than to relieve the primitive inflamma-

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actions of the Society. It numbers, in the catalogue, not far from five

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in removing or relieving obstinate constipation has recently been tested

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As a jjreventative against paresis, care should be exercised in adults, as well as

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The anaesthetic should be administered cautiously and with plenty of air,

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prostrated by the onset of typhoid fever as by typhus fever or influenza,

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2225 ft., is a good resort for sufferers from bronchial troubles. Howick,

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degeneration of nerve-cells, in the cervical sympathetic ganglia. Similar changes

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But here several symptoms were lacking to carry out the complete

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complete extirpation of cancerous organs whenever possible with the hope

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When the solutioD of contimiity is entireJy filled up by red and eveii.

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strong anodyne draughts, without relief, by order of Dr. Eccles. I ira-

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deed, the eye, especially if it has been for some time, previously, in