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catgut or silk are first inserted through the wall of the renal peh-is and incision made between them,

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lation. Mercury exerts no such immediate influence. Dimi«

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bilities, I mean the teaching of the young to practise inhibition.

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other times the objection takes the form that if the insanity

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fails to remember anything of the accidents or happenings that occur-

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and can neither be corrected nor resisted. In those numerous

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the leaves of the Rhus Toxicodendron, — ^resemble Strychnia

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as a cerebral excitor. Volatile oils possess a certain in-

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behavior, thievery, dishonest speculation, forgery, and very rarely

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Vafiiiez C), Cabot (-), M'Keen (3), Saimdby and Taissell (*), Osier (;'),

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morbid condition which affects the power of free action is equally

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are nourished and kept supple, as well as his intellect, and must

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Cazeaux {Arm. de gynec, Paris, 1904, February) considers this question

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brain or its membranes, or in any visceral organs. Observations were

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proteid reactions, it is not precipitated by saturation of its solutions with

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40 years of age, has had six previous labors and one miscarriage.

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we be unable to save the lives of any of the 20,000 children who are

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parenchvL-a. IsTot every shadow in the kidney region means a renal

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in the previous operation. In either case it will be sufficient to begin

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The Value op the Glycogen Reaction in Surgical Diagnosis.

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Kenzle, Conshohocken; Schuylkill County, David Taggart, Frackville.

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greatly to diminish the terror of the patient, it will not prevent

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formly distributed by any means ; it may affect the liver in any patient

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with Part I. of the First Examination of the Examining Board in

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It is not of course possible to discuss here Mosso's views on

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probably due to derangement of the hepatic function.

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If criticism be permissible, where success has been so great, we would

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Intestinal movements could be heard, but not felt. There was no

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attached by threads to levers, and tracings were taken of the movements.

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could be felt in the bowel. Xine inches of damaged small intestine

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tions have well subsided. The age of education begins about the

cyproheptadine hydrochloride tablets mls t A— R. Max Goepp, M. D.. Philadelphia.

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Major, Medical Corps, Army Medical School, Washington, D.C.

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sec. Med. de Venfance, p. 609. 26. Levlson — " Die Harnsaurediathese,"

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Rheumatism, and of purgative medicines in a great number

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and death through which our path mvist lead us. " Things are

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sodium, ammonium, calcium, and magnesium. In all cases the neutral