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and firm fibrous union obtains. In such cases I am accustomed

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supply, adequate to the great nutritional requirement of such infants.

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during the alkaline tide which follows a meal or as the result of ammoniacal

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resembling decidual cells. Few Graafian follicles Avere found. Webster's

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Committee on Scientifle Work: Theodore B. Appel, Chairman, 305 North Duke St., Lancasttf.

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tions in the adult, one would consider trauma, cold, infection, and

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evacuation. The drainage of an hepatic abscess should be through an

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retroflexion of the gravid uterus, or other complications, such as a dermoid,

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sensory centres in the cerebrum. But this inevitably means the

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Fig. 47 sliows abrasion of occlusal surfaces of lower bicuspids and first-

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Diploma fees are charged to help defray costs involved with graduation

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of the organism remaining in the throat. The quai-antine period

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morphinism frequently develop a depressive and melancholy charac-

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markedly diminishes the potency of the lymph. Many of the vaccines

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has already formed in either of these situations, it should be

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and evaluation of health care practices on elderly patients.

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the kidneys and on the skin. Wine, which further contains

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The fourth was also a gonorrhoeal case who had been delivered with

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In the first section, tabes naturally occupies the first and most im-

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is very constant in carcinoma ; indeed, negative Weber almost excludes

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resin of Copaiba — and the acrid principle of Cubebs, all pass

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Treatment of Genital Tuberculosis generally. — Vulva. —

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the patient was given 100 grms. bread and 2 oz. of the extract, but no

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insidious, for example when a patient comes complaining of such

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attacked. This neuritis comes on quite suddenly, is usually acutely painful,

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infection and traumatism are the chief causes, although Gottschalk

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examined, the specimen was obtained in hospital, except in those

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dency in pediatric surgery. The program requires board eligibility in general

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tion involves the student in seeing consultations with fellows and attending

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(1) Both the stromata and the lipenioglobin-containing liquid of

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acid, to be finally excreted from the system. It is a curious