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tensely interested in the work in hand, may do, is no example for
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kidneys or from below them, and hemoglobinuria resulting from the
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Sex. — Of the fifty children, thirty-four were boys, and sixteen
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urgently indicated. A much better replacement or retention than
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was disallowed, on the ground that Malta fever was not covered
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ception have been admitted to the surgical wards of the Eoyal
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over other procedures, Lauenstein {Centralbl. f. CJiir., Leipzig, 1904, Sep-
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Fallopian being the diameter of a lead pencil ; there was a tuberculous
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variety of ulcer is proved by the fact that healing only takes place if the
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So vigorously was this mediciixe used by the Swiss praoti**
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operation is performed most satisfactorily upon a patient aged 8 to 10
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infection is given by Percy Herring and Sutherland Simpson^ from
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The evils of syphilis in its relation to marriage have been
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in managing patients seen in a medical intensive care unit. Students will func-
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Committee on Transporution and Place of Meeting : A. H. Baton, Chairman, 2017 North 13th St., Phila.
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"Gumming: Is the Control of Diphtheria Leading to Eradication? Jour.
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explanation, the possible existence of antecedent albuminuria must not be
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campus and the Baltimore area during the afternoon.
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which render the course of eczema so tiresome and its treatment difficult.
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" the inadvisability of relying on septic tanks, contact beds, and con-
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haemoglobin, 88 per cent. (Sahli) ; color index, 0.78.
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trated with gumma, while the endothelial lining membrane of the
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law. There are many instances in which crimes are deliberately
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kyphos is due to a direct falling forward of the bone above the
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normal. The father was a farmer. Both the von Pirquet and the
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" articles," all sorts of things are discussed without adequate
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Tke OIBeiBl Ors»a of Um MMlleal Society of the Stttte of PeniuylT»nl».
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turned outwards on the left side of the sternum, and it Avas found that
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no attempt has hitherto been made to collect a series of typical
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antifermentative measures, important as the latter are in our thera-
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number of instances in which remissions were observed, and
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the penis being compressed at a point 2 inches behind the meatus, to