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Paranoia. Crime: Murder. Patient tliouglit that he was ."^t. I'aul rciiifariiateil.
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Case 13 (Schmiegelow). — Osteomyelitis of the superior maxilla. —
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a temperature above 101°F., but that when the cystic or common
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Robbins, DeannaS., PhD, Research Assistant Professor
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in pellagra we have the manifestations of a dietary deficiency. With
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string suture, reinforced by outside Lembert sutures, all of catgut. The
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larger doses of myrrh with good results. 40 minims of the
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Diminished excretion of urea is observed in some nervous diseases and has
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the early elimination of extraneous organisms might be of considerable
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only more subtle and concealed ; like the dipsomaniac he is liable to be
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Christophers, in a peculiar Indian fever, are forms of a trypanosome.
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reported to contain some idtamin-B and much of A, while raw cab-
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which may be attributed to an increased output of the bile acid.
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A Short Manual of Inorganic Chemistry. By A. Dupre, Ph.D., F.E.S.,
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an acute toxaemia, or uraeniic insanity ; and (2) a progressive cerebral
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corresponding to the amount ingested results from a diminished eliminative
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Tuberculosis of the Ovaky. — Murphy groups 394 cases of
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to know whether the lesion involves the small or the large
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The Short Term Research Training Program also offers summer
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scirrhus. — Mr. Alexis Thomson showed — (1) A boy, set. 15, after nephro-
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sponge, and a pill containing ** sublimed Mercury'' and precipitated Sulpha-
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effect, and to this cause has been ascribed the albuminuria which may
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ination disclosed the fact that the two calculi lying at the lower pole
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eighty-five, and in a fourth twenty-seven. They found that the anterior
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restores the secretion of the liver, is often useful in Arthritic