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rently much atrophied. The lungs were emphysematous, but other-
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ing which was shown by Mr. Hutchinson to illustrate the manner in
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of some teeth. Four were accordingly taken out, but were found quite
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examination, was found to consist of four molar teeth ; the two lower
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readily be performed even by the average practitioner. It is not more
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managers are fully alive to the defects of the airing-grounds, and that
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the voice of the press has been in unison with whal has been presented. But as
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Sample, Mr. Spencer Smith, Mr. Heckstall Smith, Dr. Henry, Mr.
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country will not now be behind in affording that relief which will, so
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J. Hutchinson, F.R.C.S. On Xanthelasma Palpebrarum as a
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keep hired help in the i hen my wife was confined, and in consc-
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valves soon assumes a chronic character, and determines a series of
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more strongly marked ; the surface of the tumour was smooth and pale,
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same volume. Enlarged glands pressing on the oesophagus were seen
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"2. The association consists of original members (membres fonda-
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