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spoken of as burning or more rarely as a sensation of intense cold.

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Acquired deformities of the liver result from prolonged pressure ap-

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effusion in the preceding paragraphs may be often advantageously prac-

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be kept on a milk diet without injury is indefinite ; from two to four

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logical condition of these fhigments, when all attempts at adjustment

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An hysterical paralysis may immediately follow a slight injury. If

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gistically in some unknown way. On the other hand, there is great force

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is frequent sneezing, with excessive nasal secretion, and not rarely epis-

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as the percentage of haemoglobin may be largely lowered, in which case

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ous dementia, or of violent hallucinatory delirium, or of a fierce mania.

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the shafts of the long bones escaping. According to Marie, in Paget' s

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Almost invariably there may be found during the acute stage of

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from the blood into the nerve-centres is plausible, but has not been proved.

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disease whose results were so variously named. Despite the barbarism

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clusive that the disease if organic must be centric, or else due to some

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the Larynx Laryngitis True and False Croup Tumors Spasm Diseases

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distinct diseases, the result of very different causes, and the remedies

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ciated with the diphtheria bacillus. Bronchitis is almost universal, and

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at this degree of maturity until two or three days later. The vesicles are

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five centimetres long, lives in the caecum, usually in small numbers,

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patient lies on the back, with the head low and the knees raised. The

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temperature, excessive sweating, and disturbed innervation, due to the

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urine becomes red on the addition of an alkali. The convulsions are

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