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ments bv special fasciae; thus the delicate and long muscles of the neck, as the
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peatedly with diluted liquid ammonia, so as to dissolve all the sulphuret. The
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sures should be resorted to in the treatment of such cases. Sound surgery
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that the efficacy of this invaluable remedy should be fully known, and that
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there were 97, viz., 76 males and 21 females, of whom 47 died, viz., 38 males
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6. To a portion of fluid, (h) which was of the colour of Madeira wine,
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called) containing lime (which is useless in the treatment
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This doctor-to-be was born November 13, 1889, in Henryville (Lawrence
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cessful writer and practitioner of midwifery. She was a Doctor in medicine, for
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merers from infancy, and, as much to my surprise as gratification, that the cure
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The School for Practical Anatomy has been reorganized, and will be under the