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highly toxic as proved by the researches of M. Labbe and Violle, as

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is apt to drop down into the recto-vesical or recto-uterine pouch.

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Speaking generally and rather inaccurately, we might say

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visions of Art. 1342, Clause 2, of the Queen's Eegulations, 1893.

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mechanical ventilation in the critically ill patient.

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Monteiro, Mervyn J., PhD, Research Assistant Professor

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Committee on Malpractice : John B. Donaldson, Ci^irman, Canonsburg.

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the engine-driver to whom I entrust my bodily safety knows a

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a whole is thickened. " The surface is covered with irregular stalactite-

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again for a second sitting after an interval of five or seven days. At the

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observe if both testicles are present in the scrotum, for a strangu-

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8tol[)er regards these as but different stages of the same

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be drawn which would separate the responsible from the irre-

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Dr. Clouston's well-known book, but there is a great contrast between

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dishes ; while he thinks that the danger of infection through the escape

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The Department of Surgery is organized into nine divisions: general surgery,

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of fatty tissue be left between the kidney and the comparatively

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1. The course and clinical features of acute myelocytic leu-

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Increased excretion of such material has been observed in a variety of

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operation, while 18 per cent. Avould probably have died from complica-

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original argument before I had finished with my definition.

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University of Maryland Medical System. Teaching is carried out through didac-

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ascribe them to the direct action on the kidney of the absorbed effusion.

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phlebitis, extending upwards along the inferior vena cava, and pro-

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(2) Senior Local Examinations (certificates to include the required

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successful, and the haemorrhage stopped at once. He thinks it acts

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the shadow is oblique, its lower part being most displaced, occasionally

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irritant substance, as Ginger, or Pjrethrum, tends especially

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lesion and not to the special tabetic process, as is shown l\y the

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anatomical and experimental observations, the anthors show that there

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oxalic acid, such as rhubarb, spinach and tea. It will also be well

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peripheral neuritis in which there was degeneration but no inflam-

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follows Braun's nomenclature, and distinguishes infiltration anaesthesia

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quired. But as Diuretics are generally given, as in dropsies,

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to whom they have been administered : — Turpentine, Cam-

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may be able to state in general terms the grounds upon which we