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heart may be so degenerated as to render such a restoration
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was present found 0*5 per cent, of sugar in the aqueous tumour, and
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of temperature constitute the chief source of error in the results.
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the Schick test about six or eight weeks after the final dose of toxin-anti-
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should always be preceded by an intramuscular injection of adrenalin.
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be thyroid enlargement and the symptoms of Graves' disease, or, in
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without being benefited. Children hurt themselves but slightly, as a
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(/) It is separated out completely from its solutions on saturation with
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the Out-Patient Department at Great Ormond Street Children's
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been ordered. If the symptoms are removed by this, and do not
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Drs. Charles W. and Kathleen R. McGrady Student Loan Fund
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bruit, if present, at the same time falls in pitch. These incon-
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limiting it to sixty breathings (the " forty winks " of some), which,
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appearance of passive h3^peraemia, haemorrhagic extravasation, and red
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schools ha\-ing these classes in them is also noted.
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tions have well subsided. The age of education begins about the
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the internal nutrition of the discs ; " it solicits them " to take
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prior to cryoscopy, the freezing point does not rise proportionately owing
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various parts of his body; particularly in the external auditory canals.
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mended by us to the conservation of vision classes, summarized
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with more complex methods. It is based upon the fact that the uric acid is com-
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for six months, then healed up, and left her in good health. Foiir years
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fremitus is also normally greater in the right supra-spinous fossa
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make certain that we are not dealing with a case of primary
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rings round the eyes, and anaemic conjunctivae. The chest is found to
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and the failure to obtain positive results by these tests suffices to exclude
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pain should at once cause a searching inquiry as to the existence of this
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usually little difficulty in correctly estimating the symptoms of the acute
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of the apex beat, and accentuation or reduplication of the sounds of the
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albumin in the water, there was no feature in the history or
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The curriculum for the sight saving classes is arranged by the
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done as soon as the Wassermann is returned as positive in a sus-
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tion, in writing, within 15 days of any change of circumstances which might
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obstruction of the vena cava, the motions often being watery ; in
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a good deal of difficulty in unreservedly accepting the view that diabetes