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inflammation which Van Moll describes in his paper is exactly
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they are practically always so, at least in epidemic outbreaks, is the
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defects of constitution. Young people vary enormously in their
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Fig. 47 sliows abrasion of occlusal surfaces of lower bicuspids and first-
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all other structures of the body. ]\lan is at the head of a vast
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under normal conditions, afford very important indications of disturbances
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epitome of the universe, the centre of gravity, so to speak, round
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button between the ileum, above the stricture and the transverse colon.
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urine has become acid, silver nitrate injections may be employed. The
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the pressure in one artery alone. He points out that it is essential to
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dermically. Even laxatives could be administered that way and
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and foremost, the pulse was at least 160, and extremely weak. Respira-
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after excision of the diseased area, which included the greater
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rence of pain at the right thorax. A month later, and without apparent
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In 1823, the Baltimore Infirmary, forerunner of the University of Mary-
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predecessors have contributed and now have the opportunity to leave a similar
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practice or one year's hospital or research work, if the candidate be
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pnrsiciAx FOR diseases of wombn, deaconess hospital, edinburoh
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given him, what a powerful weapon for research he might have
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bility in teaching third- and fourth-year students and in the supervision of resi-
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year-old child would get with each two or ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^, ^^^^^ ^^ ^„ ^^^^
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with the transverse colon. The button was in the ileum, distal to the
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Surgical Journal for the last week of May. It has always been
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of the excitation wave, while section of the circular coat at once did so.
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venous return from a part plays a most important role in producing ulcera-
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ever, that while it is prohibited in the forty-two commandments
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the fame of it all went abroad and Xancy became a Mecca for people
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very early stages, and be limited to the cervix and vault of the
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years she sustained several fractures of her legs, all after trifling
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is more favourable in later than in early life, for the growth can be removed
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that the patient is suffering from this dreadful disease. When