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blood vessels and connective tissue, and its active constituent,

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For long, physicians have been impressed I)y the similarity

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somewhat wide limits, viz., from 0*2 to T25 grammes in the twenty-four

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to domestic happiness, and chiefly to the welfare of children born

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frequently combined with Opium, in spite of the chemical

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evacuation occurs spontaneously, the contents will be received

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large number of criminals. The delusions of persecution lead to

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Necropsy. — There was general peritonitis and a leak at the anasto-

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is a criterion that the work has been well done. Of course, as the work

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or near the middle line, a few centimetres in length, and with clean-cut

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evidenced by poor phagocytosis, lack of macrophages and polymorpho-

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nerves as well as on nerve*centres. Thus it is particularly

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no one who has used ethyl chloride a few times can fail to be

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By J. W. BALLANTYNE, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., F.R.S. Edin.

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nitrogen, as affording evidence of the share taken by the different tissues in the

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brane, it is able to prevent the transudation of fluids from the

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are often left unabsorbed, and pass out of the bowels very

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make sufficient use of the information in my possession. With

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visited a number of clinics without apparent relief. The family his-

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can be seen from the fact that alteration of the diet will have

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moi(hctomy ; two weeks later, death. (Private Hospital.) — D, H., set. 59,

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clusions were being formed as to the relative merits of several

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and possibly incomplete knowledge or partial consciousness may be derived from

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presentation and representation is an objective content of consciousness.

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kept well open by gauze packing and by a rubber drain, and

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Ambulatory and Clinical Preventive Medicine. The clinical preventive medi-

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much under the influence of mechanical impulses of all kinds,

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the controlling nervous mechanism of micturition is a complex one, we find

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the head, and quote the personal example of Galen, who used to

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fundamental and the applied branches of neuro-psychiatry.

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instances the kidneys and livers may bear the brunt of the disease,

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