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Other projects include biochemical effects of aldose reductase and specific
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and who, on being refracted and treated, are given good vision and re-
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remain in the system and act as Restoratives, when there is
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much excess in it either of acid or of alkali, a deposit is occa-
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not palpable; liver extended one finger's breadth below the costal
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anti-syphilitic treatment, there should be no difficulty in arriving
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must breed from brains, and it is this very practical problem that
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this work as a text-book for nurses on the branch of surgery with which
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in tliree as moderate, thirty-seven children were said to be thin,
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given in the book of the diseases of the blood and several other sections.
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American Association for Ibe Advancement of Science.
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coagulation, to exhibit the ^^buffy coat.'' There are also
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ret. 41, suffered from Addison's disease. For this she was treated with
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Surgery — John H. Gibbon, Chairman, 332 So. 15th St., Philadelphia. Charles P. Stahr, Sec'y, Lancaster.
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here with the same force. The necessity of proving in the first
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cases have been traced ; fifty-one have died of recurrence or metastasis ;
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been appreciated aright by them, would have advanced cardiac
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occipital region, but the area was not sharply defined. They were
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methods ot and clinical research are taught in <» lecture and dis-
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for the diminished entry of air into the affected part may thus be
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pharmaceutical research seems a pitiful sum. But the research
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Miinchymer in the same class of cases had a mortality of 36 '3 per cent.
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hydrates until 200 gi-ams per kilo body weight of the mixture of
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The inequality may last for several months ; the left pupil was the
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speak, and are nervous during their exordium. Very often I feel
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irritation, the rate of the heart was '£rst accelerated, ltd action
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benefited by the use of Iodine. Iodine has been used in
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local abscess, from the rupture of a suppurating gall-bladder, etc.
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more or less marked somnolence which may even reach coma. Mental
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the thyro-glossal duct. The author has briefly summarised all the cases
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fission, so that tetrads and multiples of four are frequent in the colonies.
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for the production of the confirmed disease. The common type of
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Committee on Arrangements : Fremont W. Frankhauser, Chairman, 330 South Sixth St., Reading.
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heart and lungs, rupture, varicocele, varicose veins, development
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In the former case the presence of bacteria is usually associated with
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gration of nuclear medicine, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging
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tion, Shall it sit or stand to " learn its lessons " ? — the answer is