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Medicine — ^John A. Lichty, Chairman, 4634 5th Ave., Pittsburg. H. Herbert Herbst, Sec'y, Allentowa.
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a satisfactory performance of them during a safe and sufficient
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mere Soporific, if effectual, would prove anodyne, and relieve
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the Annual Family Medicine Residents' Research Day. The department faculty,
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The clinical symptoms of the second variety of syphilitic
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remain in the follicles of the prostate, so that the prostatic threads passed
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Ringed black dot shows location of the hones and the great distances travelled by these
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it is intended mainly for dressers and junior practitioners, and that it is
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hypothesis is well foimded, it is evident that our first objective must
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solidation, while the pitch is raised in proportion as the bronchial
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of defective vision, furnished with glasses ^„... . u -u u u • i i
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fluidextraet of veratrum viride. He re- *^« «^^°* ""^ veratnun. You will occasion-
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Epstein, Barry H., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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the bladder. Either in the pelvis of the kidney or in the bladder they
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the right lumbar, iliac, and the hypogastric regions. The left ovary and
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an important role in the activity of the department. A broad program in neu-
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(2) Symptoms of renal infection predominating, either of an
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concentration of population such as those in the great training camps
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vessels were much enlarged, so much so as to give it a naevoid appear-
periactin side effects sore throat
usually finds signs of acidosis according to the enlarged conception
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conjunctivitis arising, as Mackenzie believed, in consequence of
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bility of the Uterine muscle, an^ when also there is no
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bacteria which act by secreting toxins outside their own bodies (extra-
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instance was in the month when the Department is rather understaffed
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A common variety of minor turbidity results from the presence of
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possible, obtained; while any transitory amelioration resulting
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of inflammation by depressing the action of the heart.
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that this decomposition is promoted and accelerated by heat,
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in one (Tillmanns) the secretion was abundant, acid, contained pepsin, and
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needless to say, the cures of cancer and tumor and other organic
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the less classical forms of glaucoma he advocates the use of adrenalin
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motionless. Some laboured respirations afterwards occurred, during
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Kyle, M. D., and (■'>) Otology, by B. Alexander
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(Plate V. Fig. 7). One of the cusps is transformed into a calcified
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much bulged forwards ; there was marked lumbar lordosis and dorsal
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The medical evidence appeared to establish that the fever had
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