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credentials and the completed application packet are filed with and received by

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As another case, showing the value of pushing the attack with

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entity, and the machinery of its production as a purely chemical one,

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when given in combination with an alkali. So that if we in-*

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ticipate in studies. Part of the training period is spent at the Veterans Adminis-

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and Algernon Westlake, M.B., CM. Edin., Surgeon to the

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patient should be pronounced free from gonorrhoea until a careful bacterio-

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issues. The Organization of Student Representatives (OSR), the AAMC's stu-

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prescribed, together with a mercurial pill and white draught. He also

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Surgery — ^John H. Gibbon, Chairman, 332 So. isth St., Philadelphia. Charles P. Stahr, Sec'y, Lancaster.

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" inflammation of the bowels," and was in bed for two months. For

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with periods of repose ; and the law of the tissues should be the

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rectus muscle in front. The tumour was in the transverse colon near

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During these apparent dreams states, which are properly due to

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by palpation, the various grasps (fundal, lateral, Pawlik, etc.)

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of sugar, though it may be that the organism produces a number of

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nauseous doses of our childhood, and pharmaceutical America in its

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for holiday purposes. Gonorrhoea, however, has a more far-reaching

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conditions of the circulation on the right and left side of the

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possible sources. There is scarcely an indifferent one amongst them,

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is an absolute difference between the acidosis of fasting and patho-

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being greatly to be preferred to them as a disinfectant.

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years ago. Is there anything new to be said upon the matter ?

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students who " read " with them, and to whom they gave certifi-

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work is appreciated and who are beloved, and shall it be said

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MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBEB 10, 1906. and Wayne, 6 each; Lawrence, Lehigh, and

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to maintain instrumental dilatation for many years, or even during the

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student is given an instruction handbook, handouts, reprints, outlines and a list