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APSA also sponsors education and social activities for its members and friends.
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an inadequate supply is also followed by certain effects more or less
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malformations of the canal. The short chapter on "Urethral Chill" is
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The mode of operation of Eliminative medicines is a mat-
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of the secretions, as that of the bowels, — ^but particularly of the
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future ; it is you who are to train the parents of the future in
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Ev^en cathctcrism. of the uterus has been reported b}^ Dlihrssen to
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The chief pain of obstruction occurs in severe paroxysms which
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and indirectly by muscular structures which surround the arteries
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2) clinical radiation; 3) radiation research; 4) clinical physics; 5) nursing and 6)
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seemingly in the best of health and whose only sign of the disease is a
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issue is to be feared, and the occurrence of such haemorrhage is ahvays
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after the lapse of half an hour. The method is very inexpensive, a
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depressant influence of alcohol. Administered prior to the shock-pro-
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States and Canada or from individuals who reside in this country on a permanent
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one of the causes of such deposition. The other causes which contribute to the
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meatus. There are also many urethral glands varying in complexity from simple
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at some time prior to the year 1872, after a prolonged and varied
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become diiferentiated from the rest of the pancreas at a very early stage
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sion on Tuberculosis. And so, when Haeckel propounds psycho-
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JIATERNITY HOSPITAL. By J. W. Ballaktyne, M.D., F.R.C.P.E.,
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that will require surgical consultation. They gain an appreciation of wound care
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and when mercurial injections have been used the vagina should afterwards
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may be overcome by the systematic use of certain bitter aperient
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under such circumstances that, as a rule, the greatest amount of
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posture involves fatigue, and that this fatigue is not merely
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may take it ; but anyone who feels disinclined for it should not
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special action in the prevention and cure of strumous dis-
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HCPR 512. Intimate Human Behavior (IHB) - Sexuality and intimacy are
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Origin of Uric Acid in the Organism. — Although in all probability