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and without fever. The rupture of the vermiform appendix and

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human diphtheria and Loeffler considered them of merely secondary

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as she was found at the Clinic to be suffering from vomiting, from

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as to the mental state, in the way of admitting it as sufficient

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born after profuse uterine haemorrhage, or whose parents were

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for body weight, are all below normal weight for height and the one

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evolutionary standpoint, each and every part of the body must be represented in

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medium never becoming more than slightly opaque, as the growth settles to

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maticfl — i& entirely opposed to such chimerical fancies.

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illustrations will testify, there was no doubt as to the operative organisms.

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phosphate of iron and ^^ gr- of l^oth arsenious acid and digitalin.

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in 1000 solution of adrenalin has been added, is a useful and safe

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ever being manifest by heart pain. Without completely assenting to

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irritation, splints, and the ordinary methods employed in simple

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from the individual's usual manner of feeling, thinking and acting,

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this connection, too, that the microscope is of special service in urinary

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few leucocytes ; negative for spirochetes. Stool : light bro^vn in color

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imagination always gains the victory. You must not try to make

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was aware of his abnormality. To determine if the transposition in-

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ical curriculum. Elective courses scheduled in the Year I and Year II minimesters

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taken for syphilitic ulcers. The base is covered with imperfectly formed,

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the fluid, swelling occurs, with consequent pressure upon the surrounding

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I^cKAWAMif A— William B. Keller, M. D., Sorantoa.

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appendicitis, or ovarian disease. Palpation of these parts, easily

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as the possession of sick expectant mothers and never to be given

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Follow-up Clinics. General information concerning biology, pathology and

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same time, a great advantage in obtaining and holding an apprecia-

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time microscopically detect them, and therefore we are quite un-

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reverie will not compete with these, and if much of it is common-

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