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and we refer to them here simply as showing that in certain

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allowed between meals, and that gluttony and errors in food are

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Bone Changes. — The prolonged hyperasmia of the tissues in relation to

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States and Canada or from individuals who reside in this country on a permanent

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student will have an opportunity to acquire experience using a terminal to inter-

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fluid obtained was 560 c.c. The amount obtained fluctuated consider-

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of water are often prescribed with advantage, for they serve

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eliminated. Probably this is erroneous, and the vomiting is of central

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acid is formed as it should be, but then stops short, and pro-

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centres, but from an interruption of the nerve fibres conveying sensory

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MANA 513. Neurological Sciences. This course provides an integrated study

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action, are a^ble to antagonize and to annihilate certain dis-

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needed than when that drug is used alone, 3 to 4 c.c. being

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obligation to make students aware of the expectations in the course, the

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Mohammedans to causes which God alone knows, and by some

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In no case did the electrocardiographic examination show left ven-

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The similarity of those tropical cachexias with splenomegaly to

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removal of the cause can be performed with good prospects of

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as I see, by the operator not being unduly hurried by the brief

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Committee on Transportation and Place of Meeting : A. M. Eaton, Cbairman, 2017 North 13th St.. Phila.

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viscera, and the remarkable characters of the brain symptoms, rendered

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character of the marrow is increased, the lymphocytic elements being

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munity following the prophylactic injection of typhoid vaccine. The

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effectiveness, are subjects of increasing interest to departmental faculty. Health