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of the urinary tract, whereas the cause of hemoglobinuria lies behind the
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the surface. By opening out the costal angle and making the intestines
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to direct muscular action, is the rhythmical motion of such organs
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certain points are attended to. (1) A sufficient incision should
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Committee 00 Religious Newspaper Advertising: Albert P. Francine, Chairman, 1404 Spruce St., Phila.
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should obviate much laborious experiment ; but to the clinician, the last
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faculties, all point to an acquired psychosis, in a great measure differing
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to the excellent description of the various changes undergone hy the
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tooth was removed, leaving the central one. Fig. 123 shows the result of bone
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social environment. But how can the problems be solved? How
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the Catalytic principle. It could not supply to the system
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ducing operation, it neither prevented subsequent shock nor diminished
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might die before we had delivered her. For her condition was a typical
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temperature have been noted. Low temperatures, ranging from 86*1° Fahr.
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death took place a few minutes afterwards, quietly and without any
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In all these cases the defence was disregarded. The first
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lesion and not to the special tabetic process, as is shown l\y the
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and in connection with suppurative processes, such as empyema and
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the physician and his assistant, the visiting nurse, are very close at
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to complain of dyspnoea and palpitation on excitement; there had been no
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departments, or published in the various medical journals, and usually dealing only with some
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policeman so impressed him that he assisted the paretic to carry out
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cing with acute obstruction; cxecostomy ; death from perforation of
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performed and that much remains to be done. Thus the distinctly
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Lustgarten (Journ. Cutan. Dis. inc. Syph., X. Y., 1904, April) relates
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but no blood had been noticed. Two days before admission he had
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40 years of age, has had six previous labors and one miscarriage.
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extent, the expansion of the upper part of the chest is diminished.
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oblique incision in the right iliac fossa. There were no parietal adhesions.
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Medicine — John A. Lichty, Chairman, 4634 5th Ave., Pittsburg. Herbert H. Herbst, Sec'y, AUentown.
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attendance to every item in personal hygiene. At first no food
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applied, and, if necessary, morphia may be given, but of course salicylates
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These symbols are not intended to indicate the intensity of the re-
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