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opment and 2) psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of health, illness
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m other epidemics, this symptom has been ^^^g ^nd petechial eruption which has given .
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still be performed with advantage if, at the same time, an intravenous injection of
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more rounded than the other. The percussion in this more convex
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been previously swallowed and then vomited, which is apt to
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escape of a large quantity of fluid fseces and flatus, and in half an hour
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Delusions of persecution are to be expected in the hysteric whose
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hypopyon ulcer of the cornea, requiring enucleation of the globe eight
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only a few lines on treatment under that heading, and must refer to the
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But we are now concerned with the special Neurotic actions
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After the commencement of the 5th vear's service for jiension
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surmount a congenital hernia; dermoid and sebaceous cysts have been
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breathing, and coma. If a small dose of Opium be continually
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stances, as Casper and Richter maintain, the excretion of both kidneys
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We have received Vol. i. of the Transactions of the Society of
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of beds, however, had to be maintained for the sufferers from hysteria
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that it depends upon some food factor, as yet unkno^\^l. Time does
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purging. But a large quantity cannot so pass ; it is excreted
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advisability of undertaking any operative procedure in such cases.
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vitis, suppuration is often absent. The gonococci gain access to the tissues
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so very commonly accompanies gall-stone colic. On the other hand,
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picturesque thing enough, but people must be taught that the
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thrown out of cerebral activity on the removal of its subtending
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H Faculty Gold Medal for Outstanding Qualifications for the Practice of
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larly disposed rods barely attaining the dimensions of tubercle bacilli.
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of vitamin-rich foods, including cod-liver oil and baker's yeast, that in
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many years and their presence only is discovered at necropsy ; but it
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ing cough, too, had diminished, but, on auscultation, oegophony could
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The great objection to Silyer, in whateyer form giyen, is
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(2) Hughes, in his work on this fever, inclines very strongly to the
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particularly, as I have just said, in the secretion of urine.
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Inflammation. — Inflammation of the urethra, like inflammation else-