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contra-indication to excision. Speaking generally, conservative treat-
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deep reflexes, co-ordination, and powers of voluntary motion were normal.
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or both feet in the position of greatest mechanical advantage, he
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further, if there be signs of tuberculous peritonitis, our suspicions
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heat are discussed by Dr. Kellogg, while the important subject of
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are equally entitled to merciful consideration. In these the
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immunized against Hepatitis B, an occupational illness of physicians and health
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a more abundant su}iply of cases suitable for its exliibition than the
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this lesion other than syphilis, except acute infections such as
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January 19, 1903. — He left the hospital Avith the Avound healed
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iinportaiic' in treatment. Treatment of the genertil
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accord with the facts to say the result of congenital syphilis.
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of the site of the external wound was made. The left ventricle was
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Committee on Inebriate Hospital: Theodore Diller, Chairman, Westinghouse Building, Pittsburg.
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_,. ' ... J. M ..■u United States Hotel, American plan... 2.50
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sibly due to drop In temperature! :.but walked to of-
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may take it ; but anyone who feels disinclined for it should not
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fever ; there is a certain point of exhaustion beyond which
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derived from the work of others in the same field. Reference is con-
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the estimation of uric acid that of Ludwig as modified by Salkowski is
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Of gravestones, Mohammed said, " the best are those which
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Milford M. Foxwell, Jr., MD, Associate Dean, Admissions
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of the native tribes in Australia purposely produce hypospadias by opening
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a<lrenals. Cancer is most likely to produce diabetes when it involves
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whether Squill shofttld W regarded as a Special Sedative, oi!'
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effect of delusion, involved a settlement of the whole law on the
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of the morphological organization ot the human body is provided. The basic con«
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following classification: — (1) Paracolon bacilli. — Those which do not
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and strychnine injected hypodermically, abdominal section was