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proaches, the fires of passion are cooled, the ambitions of youth are
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renal capsules is well known to be difficult to digest, though the
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fracturing. Kypho-scoliosis usually results. Treatment. — The fact
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January 1890 are admitted to the examination for the Durham D. P.H., under the
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examination upon an even, flat surface. Although this test is not
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process have nothing in common ; the facts of consciousness are
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force of the heart. When we wish simply to eyacoate the
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favourable in such cases than when the psychosis develops some months,
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re-written — -Aids to Clienrnfrij, by T. A. Henry, D.Sc, London,
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anaesthetised, and placed in the lithotomy position, Wheelhouse's staff being
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first. If that is distended and reddened, the obstruction is in the
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made in the fasting condition. The bovmdariee of the stomach, as
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changes occurred, though occasionally slight changes appeared, shown
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indirect remedies, aimed rather at the consequences than at
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alkalies on the biurate. This triacid urate (NaHU, H 2 U) usually occurs
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must be in the finest state of subdivision. This may be effected by
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strongly advocate the method of injecting carbolic acid into the sac.
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if a larger percentage of women escape the deteriorating influence
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in such cases will probably be found in variations in the resistance of
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combinations," Avhich would include the great majority of oxygen
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Electives of varying orientation and complexity are provided during the
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the shade. This " periarthropathy," along with great rarefaction of the
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that all Eliminatives are more or less antiphlogistic. Cathaf-
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<■.;' !■' ■•!; of tie \ r< .^ iit -,->', in ri-::.;i'm to
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when given in great quantity. Now it is found that Sulphuric
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fever has altered its character and the temperature come down. Stimulants
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12.30 A.M. when she was admitted. Strychnine was administered
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operations upon the kidneys. Severe renal congestion, the result of
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Fourth District— Dauphin County, Hiram McCSpwan, Harrlsburg; Lancaster County, J. Henry
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of an enlarged gland in the mediastinum pressmg on the sympathetic.
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Protozoa as infective agents, and it need not be doubted that the
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np and found that he could cure a great many cases which had
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Jews are still retained among many of them, not only in obedience
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perpetuated by prostitution limited in their incidence to those
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solution circularly round the operation area was used in fifty-nine cases,
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