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cotic drugs as cannabis indica, sul phonal, veronal, hyoscyamus,

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BoKELMANN (Zfsch)'. /. Gehuvtsli. u. Gj/nuk., Stuttgart, Bd. xlv. Heft 1)

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healthy. There was no history of previous disease of any kind in

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The STRTP provides limited funded opportunities for students to con-

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fore be made : Epilepsy commencing in infancy and childhood is

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John B. Roberts, Chairman, 3U South 17th St, Philadelphia.

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five who did not have attacks of pallor, only one had (thread) worms.

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4. Eosinophiles may be absent or few ; the same is to an even

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unanimity by those who have made a special study of insanity.

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From the above, the following general statement may there-

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by the suction method exerted by Einhorn's duodenal tube has been

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largest quantity of cholin Avas found in cases of general paralysis, there

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Esbach affords results which are sufficiently reliable to meet the requirements.

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of complete rest, then of such muscular exercise as cannot possibly

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finding that by heat and oxidation of a fat, much of its antirachitic

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results which are supposed to take place when the natural

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remedies we are enabled to exert an immense control over

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Vinayek, Rakesh, MBBS, Medical School Associate Professor

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the thigh, become isolated, and then gradually dwindle away.

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Besides relieving the pain and nervous irritation which are so

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they can be accepted as probable causes, they are so because they have

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combination of drugs is frequently of use. In chronic Ague,

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back, on a table, the surgeon lifts the diseased limb until all

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any period of the disease, (2) with what frequency they occur, (3) the

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pig, or whose flesh was considered difficult of digestion, like the