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lous, idle, irascible, inclined to venereal and alcoholic excesses and to
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now regarded as the least important part : dry swabbing with pro-
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were reached, from which point to the cauda equina muscular
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It often happens that there is more than one point of view
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drive a larger proportion of blood into the cranial vessels. Various
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(1) The red blood corpuscles are diminished in the early months, in
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pay and allowances " (Column A) from the date of their arrival in
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of biology and the practical application of its truths. I hope
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that the gall-bladder is affected the dyspeptic symptoms may disappear.
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during which the retained motion undergoes a parallel transforma-
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of infection of the urinary tract from without, or of diseases of the kidneys
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healing and spiritualistic healing and spiritistic healing, all to be
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if the patient's condition justifies. Bladder disease in these cases is
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severe ; obstruction quite evident, for intestinal coils could be seen and
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where numerous very small doses were given at repeated intervals. In a
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Infants occasionally suffer from a disease characterised by redness
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The section on })rophylaxis is by Drs. iNI'Farland and Babcock, and
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Pharmaceutical research is, of course, research work with medic-
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area becomes of a greyish white colour, large blebs form over it, and the
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tion of the joints. Though of neurogenous origin, these arthropathies
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the blood of certain poisons or peculiar morbid conditions*
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adult female. The chief point that requires to be added to what has been
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injections of the glycerin extract. Every second day 2 c.c. was injected
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It will be noted in the accompanying illustration that saprophytes had made
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variation. In one chest it is very loud, in another it is quite
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tion, Avliich we feel assured has come to staj'. Patients take it readily,
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order to arrive at a positive decision concerning the exact nature and
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denutrition or acidosis is made to fast, Gerhardt's or Legal's reaction
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peral insanity and during these periods of gTcat motor excitement,
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cure of this disorder. The suggestion is a valuahle one ; hut
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similar to that which I have seen and have now related to you.
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Uric acid was not observed with the naked eye in any specimen.
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As is well kno^^'^l, it was long believed that protein, carbohydrate,
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obstruction, and no other lesion to account for the illness.
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tion of infants' food. He considers that the less milk is chemically
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