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truths in bacteriology. But when their findings show that many
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The crimes of acute alcoholism are petty thefts, larceny, forgery,
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yielded ample proof of the necessity for repeated urinalysis in 1921 :
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watery emulsion from agar growths being used as the inoculating medium
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and will be of great use, not only, we should suppose, to the
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right hoof to show that a mistake has been made. Again, when a
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the glands as Eliminatiyes, being mostly diuretic. Opium has
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The program leading to the PhD in medical pathology includes com-
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Despite the fact that syphilis of the heart and vessels had been
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anaemic. Her confinement is due in the beginning of October. She
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brought the whole matter to the attention of the medical world at
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been added 3 per cent, to 5 per cent, of carbohydrates in five to six
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According to their grouping, the signs of acidosis give rise to
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1895, p. 121. — Dr. Kaufmann, Verletzerungen und Krankheiten der Mannlichen Harnrohre
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removed from the body and immersed in solutions of the various salts.
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a repetition of the same suggestive formula at other times during
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Davidge Alliance honors Dr. John Beale Davidge, first dean of the School ot
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mately 20 per cent, of these are susceptible to diphtheria. Therefore, this most
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examples, and general practice affords the opportunity, for as the
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obstruction, and in my aljsence was operated \\xm by my assistant.
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the means used) of sending the microbes higher up and infecting
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use in this country. He favours strong alcohol for the purification of
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form than that 100 should die of fright. Out of 9000 £ases
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slight but occasionally a hypersensitive individual is found. Ob-
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came ill at 3 A.M. on the morning of February 28 (four days before),
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tracted ; and it may be of the greatest practical importance to
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him I can do no better than to repeat his words. " It is very im-
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was slightly larger than calculation would warrant.
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former conceptions of syphilis as a basic factor in a large number of
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to and longer than the thigh portion. This question of direction
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and their Eabbis even recommend it in moderate quantities after