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report is filed as part of the case recoixi — probably never to be referred
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education, must start by recognising the claim mankind puts in for
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ment of consumption are now discussed, Avhile newer drugs, such as the
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divided the forms of partial amnesia into two groups, viz. {Mental Physi-
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almost unknown. Other observers have made a similar state-
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by imperceptible gradations into cases which can scarcely be
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diarrhoeas) ; its use as a prophylactic food in the complimentary
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'GiTTiXGS and Smith: Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, 1919, 72, 917.
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was exposed as an arrant impostor. Mv. Buchanan demonstrated
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in other districts, the conclusion is drawn that a low mortality in
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tlio patient has a frequent desire to swallow. The voice may change its
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in the heart the part of obstructive conditions at the neck of the
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the use of chloroform for adenoid operations, while, in those
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present their research to fellow students and faculty during the summer and on
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bacteriologist, as a rule, simply confirms his suspicions, and the
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fulic effects. It is said that Scrofula and Consumption are
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BiTH, Hexky, M.D., Assistant Physician to the Charite Hospital,
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reaction, but it was another situation to which the individual had
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hand, it luis to be remembered that while the peritoneum is
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shows no definite absorption bands ; haematoporphyrin is also carried down,
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and gouty disorders. He gave it in six-drachm doses; and says that he em-
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focu.ssing shows the true state of matters : while in the second case the
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he was complaining of dyspnoea on exertion and a sensation of weakness in his
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of occasional dull frontal headache, radiating to the occipital region, tinnitus,
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The edges show no evidence of healing, and are usually somewhat inflamed.
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common bile duct, with or without infection, the examiner sitting
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larged; frequently, however, there is no increase in the area of
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Clixical Features of Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis.
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Therefore, in cases in which the disease has attacked the internal