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coloured shell, which displays the specific regimentals externally :
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in whom the deposit has passed thQ stage of softenings as
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the primipara without urgent symptoms a fortnightly visit in the
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at Belfiist, Cork, or Galway. The degree of the Eoyal University
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of micturition are also frequent and troublesome symptoms. The acute
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also a volatile oil. The principles of Capsicum and Mezereon
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Ga.llic Acid is the best. The reason of this will presently ap-
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from inflammation of the brain after playing a great match, and
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nitrogen in his urine in the course of twenty-four hours. Of this the great
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cases of cardiac disease before the occurrence of broken compensation.
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till at least ten days after the operation. After that time two
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and include studies in membrane transport and membrane biochemistry, eukary-
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when examined by Haeckel, was declared to be free living proto-
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manner. After a few days, w^hether placed in the hospital or not, his
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March 16, 1903. — Patient left the hospital to-day with healed
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method of treatment gives the best expectation of cure 1
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border of the scapula. Now this affection of the apex of the
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is often of supreme importance, and as it has been ably described by
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the basis of a large number of affections that are making people
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the existence of insanity ; but when once we are within the morbid
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the advantage of this difference in the amount of fluid injected into
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Dr. Herbert French's Medical Laboratory Methods and Tests
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LITERATURE. — The literature of this fever consists for the most part of short articles
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the prisoner did not know his act to be a crime ; and in this case
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per cent, of 40 cases of pneumonia, whereas, manifestation of the disease. The erythema-
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Medicine in Dublin ; the diploma of the conjoint colleges, £166.
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more distinct beneath the right clavicle than below the left. If
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more especially in the case of children, to maintain the body heat
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Blood Examination. — Erythrocytes, 5,710,000; leucocytes, 7520; ratio, 1-759;
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of food quantity is possible. However relapses of toxic s;vTnptoms