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to deal ; and as regards psychoplasm, it is obvious that it affords
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The division provides an introduction to the diseases o( the head and neck. A
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sities the degrees of M.D. or Ch.M. are granted after two years'
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elect a clinical rotation in nephrology. One-month to three-month electives will
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enough — or given over to a wet-nurse or to the modern feeding-
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stomach be displaced down, the upper border can be detected by this
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growths have been efficiently dealt with quite outweighs the
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carbohydrates and poor in fats and especially in animal albumin.
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and examination (psychiatry, pediatrics and neurology).
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leak into the peritoneum occurs suddenly too, but the sudden
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to the value of these drugs. These are — (1) That the glaucoma must
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expectant non-operative treatment was considered is that there is a
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ciple, the object and efiect of which is continual alteration,
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In the question of the management of the blood in heart
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iinportaiic' in treatment. Treatment of the genertil
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nor prevents the development of a fine physique so common
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Mathieson, Robert D., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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catheter or bougie measures one millimeter or one-twenty-fifth of an inch round,
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several weeks rest in bed, should always arouse suspicion of this
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ness seems to be for the time suspended, we find, of course, no
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JOHN Duncan. Art. "Classification of Ulcers," in Angiomata and other papers, ed.
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and finally, the evolution of protoplasm through vegetable and
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to eighteen hours and reaches its height within thirty-six to forty-
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began. Two days prior to admission, he expectorated a large quantity of
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the least what we call it. There are features in culture which
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of the bullock to repair defects in the human urethra. Two of his
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for the hospital, the rendezvous of the gambler, the gathering-
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safe intellectual bounds if she limits her studies to such conditions
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medulla. Gall bladder empty. Liver measured 9|- cms. transverely by
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stricture are, first, that the canal of the urethra be sufficiently enlarged to
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and application procedures for professional and graduate schools. Twenty tour
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amccba to man. There cannot be any " Nil admirari " in science,
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of its ranks, Charles, George, and Benjamin Bell, William New-
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]\Iuch of what I have been saying has arisen from our speaking
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cated. "We note that in the treatment of heart disease the writer