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tricles. The R-wave measures 15 mm. The T-wave measures 6.5 mm. and
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of a fright to the mother about the fifth month of pregnancy
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l)ut we know that they exist, and our estimate of the case is
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is assured, believing that his chances of recovery were better without
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labor may be detected and the patient sent to the labor ward. And.
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land Hospital, incorporating important clinical experience at Mercy Hospital,
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program that includes counseling, referral to faculty, alumni and community
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Syphilitic eruptions are distinguished by a coppery or a livid*
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blood, and thus are less prone to be excited by Eliminative
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heart are, however, not identical. The uterine analogy is more
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gorgement, and often inflammation of the lungs. Antimony
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made a special study of this subject, and has supplied us with
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supervision of faculty members. Basic concepts of physical examination are
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met with in urine it is usually present in large amount, and may be recog-
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accused of being by so many observers. Those cases of alternat-
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guinea-pigs and diluted with sterile physiological saline solution so
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but much of the essence of public and private morality. Is not a
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answer to the second and third questions. " The jury ought to
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Bellingham, Macnaughton, and M'Clinton) ; or, like Martin and
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tive few medical students will choose careers in medical or surgical neurology, or
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eUrials increase more or lees all secretions; and even if we had
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(2) He must establish it by a preponderance of evidence. (3) He must raise a
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are explained on the " Microbe-Toxin Theory," as the author styles it.
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clinical demonstration of the parasite by splenic puncture, Sir
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The postgraduate fellowship is a combined program offered by the Divisions of
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organic stricture as it is often called — is a narrowing of the urethra caused
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undertaken by the School Medical Inspection Department in various
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not occur ; (iv.) that the injection of urine, which has undergone spontaneous
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(23) Examination for the First, Second, Third, or Fourth Year in
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a moderate degree of narrowing, are those which give the most
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LITERATURE. — Huppert's Analyse cles Hams. — Text-books of Schafer (Hopkins'
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by the glands of the bowels, and acts as a Purgative. It has