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is required each year the UMAB policy is not purchased.

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then, of course, 1 >e synthetised. Wiener, in a recent paper on the synthesis

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by repeated doses of opium, the question of operation has lost

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question to reason from cases so situated to cases subjected to no

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the operation of nephropexy is regarded as rather futile. Perhaps

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When given in large doses, this stimulating action on the

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to be demolished. But anyone thus rashly generalising, however

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muscle contraction and the physicochemical principles necessary for the under-

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gonorrha?al rhinitis has been present in the above cases of

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without doing injury to the cerebral structures, or cerebral congestion or

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at any one time is identical. He thinks that the alleged risks of

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in eliminating uric acid from the blood, this product being

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In spite of the very able arguments and the instances ad-

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definition with the superficial; the means for deep percussion

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was made to remove the appendix. After the operation, the patient had a rather

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increase in the lymphoid tissue, with enormous numbers of single micrococci

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could not before, not on rigbt side .^ct: weight 101

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second watch-glassful of spirit. Wash in water, dry, and mount in Canada balsam,

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and weight, and not too great stress laid on the failures to relieve and

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with respective sciences or subdivisions of sciences. Thus, there

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given as drugs or contained in sweets may impart a pink colour to the

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A Change in the Nervous Mechanism which governs Micturition. — As

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IV. Candidates will be required to produce the following certificates

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sociocultural factors. The course runs through both semesters for a total of 72

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operation is undertaken. 7. That such puncture should be made in the

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over the left foramen of Monro, it had produced congestion and exerted

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result will be good. If enough bone is not removed some flexion

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the vaccines for the series being taken from calves in whom the