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scarlatiniform, papular, or vesicular eruption. Sometimes the rash becomes

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was greatly diminished in amount or entirely removed, the blood not only con-

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Hie Official Organ ot the Medical Society of the State of PennsylTaola.

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or motor functions are but partially affected, and the graver forms attended

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the world who came to see the wonders of this new therapeutic mode.

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ledge of the physiology of the central nervous system would never

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medicine are required. The goal of the program is to train physicians who are

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Acetate of Lead is used internally as an Astringent, but

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was written nearly fifty years ago. The syndrome known as inter-

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has pointed out, the spectrum of haemochromogen, which is easy of recogni-

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tion of chloroform. The procedure should not be had resort to in

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in a more frequently used form— the six- ^,j^^^^ ^^^,^^, ^^^^ ^,j, inafewye'arsbecome

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mau, he little knew the depths of modern science, and the publica-

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and oibital phlegmons must not l>e required to ro'j<

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A section across the dilated portion of the tube shows a marked thicken-

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kidneys. The symptoms are, in the main, due to toxic functional disorders

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certain proportion is reached the urine will have an amphoteric reaction,

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opsonins, bodies in the serum which affect bacteria in such a manner

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general and looked too philosophical for common use ; the sub-

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and potassium bromide may be given. The inhalation of oxygen has been tried,

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Race. — In my series of cases several nationalities were

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or is at the very most so extremely slight as to be negligible.

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ercrowding, cleaning filthy premises, and Dr. J. I. Johnston said that we should and

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Maryland at Baltimore, both clinical and nonclinical are an ongoing activity of

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altered in shape, dilated, and with the epithelium lining them

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usually downwards along the outer part of the upper lobe. The

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Varieties. — It may be of a miliary or ulcerative character.