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derful power over the vital forces. One drop of the pure acid
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Antitoxin Content of Blood in Three Adult Diphtheria Patients. —
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excellent account of the disease is given by Carr(^) under the
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examined as a matter of routine, in some 1500 cases tuberculosis
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Such appears to be the distinction between the operations
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increases the action. The preparation has proved a useful hypnotic, free
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been tried in gynaecological cases, it is suggested that it may be equally
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we will consider the doctor and his ways, using the term Medicine
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warmly extols as allowing of the absolutely safe sounding of the ureter
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vexed question of lavage of the stomach, the author takes up a very
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ment of Pediatrics seeks to play a dynamic role in the development of these
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be confused with varicose ulcer. Syphilitic ulcers are multiple;
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The splenic, superior mesenteric, gastric, pyloric, and cystic. The
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the right and responsibility to bring this to the attention of the faculty or
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poly-nuclear cells may predominate (the reverse of what happens in
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bear the crucial test of republication ; and Avhile we are not sure that all
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more or less prohibitive of its use. Adherents of either view,
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instructional program is offered to a limited number of students by the obstetrics
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described, is very rarely seen in patients that have been kept throughout
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the rapid adjustment could not be made and the range of mental
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the abdomen on the other side and did caecostomy. Tlie cmcum teas
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part of the day. The great thing a patient must not do is to overtire him-
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value of the vegetables is that most of them contain a large amoimt of
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ing the canal. This operation has given very good results (Delageniere,
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reaches, may by natural means (sedimentation, dilution, and presumably
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factors of importance, and to have led many hastily to assume that
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alcohol influences the usual character of the symptoms produced by the
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people, but the most marked, and that which most often brings the patient
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and M. Triboulet on the other, were characterised by the utmost
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is recognized the severe symptoms thus caused, w^hich usually dis-
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to be a slight blunting of tactile sensibility over the left side, especially
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Sodium bicarbonate may also be prescribed in these cases.
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small doses and with caution, only very tentatively increasing the
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Hartmann, Peter H., MD, Clinical Associate Professor